• - Please note that we work on a capacity-based ordering system - this means that your order is secured and confirmed only on receipt of your payment. If there is a delay in the receipt of your payment, Cups and Cakes reserves the right to take on other orders and cancel your order based on non-payment.

  • - Your order will be tentatively reserved for 24 hours, thereafter, will be cancelled if no payment is received.

  • - If date of service is less than 7 days, immediate payment is required.

  • - Cups and Cakes does not offer refunds but rather, offers credit notes.

  • - Cups and Cakes accepts a 60% deposit on wedding cakes only - all other orders need to be settled in full, to be considered confirmed.

  • - We are home based – our products are delivered to you at the entrance of our premises.

  • - Cups and Cakes bears no responsibility for any damage to products once received by our Clients.