Some Useful Terminology

Tiered Cake - Consist of multiple layer cakes of different sizes stacked on top of each other like a traditional wedding cake.

Layer Cake- Comprised of 2 layers of cake with a flavored filling OR buttercream frosting (sandwiched) between them.

Fondant - Same as plastic Icing - made of powdered sugar, corn syrup etc. NOT to be confused with MARZIPAN.

Marzipan - Made from almond meal and sugar. Slighty pungent taste, normally used on Christmas/fruit cakes.

Frosting - Same as icing.

Drip - Cake with melted chocolate dripping over the sides.

Ombre - Gradual blending of 1 colour to another.

Ganache - A glaze, icing, sauce, or filling. It is made from chocolate and cream.

Inch to cm conversion - The general unit of measurement utilised is inches. To convert to cm's, multiply by 2.54