How much are your cakes?

Unfortunately, there is not a "one size fits all" response. It is determined, by your design, complexity, flavours, size etc.

Can I get a discount?

This does have a generic response..Unfortunately not. Our costing is determined, by your design, complexity, flavours, size etc. Our costing is not based on a "mark up to mark down" principle. Our discounts are only applied on bulk orders.

What is the cost of a small/ medium/ large cake?

Unfortunately, we can's answer this with accuracy. The sizes of a small/ medium / large cake differs from one bakery to another.

Do you charge more for a last minute cake?

In most cases ..No. However if your order does require our staff to work late or overtime, and incur additional transport costs, this will be included in your quote.

Do you deliver?

Yes we do, using Taxify or Uber. Costs are calculated based on rates provided by them. We DO NOT deliver tiered cakes.

How do I transport a cake?

Our cakes are presented on masonite cake boards which are not flexible, and packaged in hard cardboard cake boxes. For tiered cakes, each stacked tier is seperated by cake boards which are supported by dowels in each tier. This is to prevent any added weight onto tier below it. Buttercream cakes melt easier than fondant covered cakes. They should be transported in a cool vehicle at limited speed to prevent movement and sinking. (Once handed over, we do not bear any responsibilty for damages due to transportation.)

Are your cakes tasty?

Lol. If we answered NO everytime we are asked, we would definately not be in business for almost 13 years. :) Yes our cakes are tasty- please check out our reviews on Google, Facebook and our Testimonials Page.